As the day breaks, at the night fall

An old castle was marred by the wrecking ball.

It’s the sole rainbow in that vast sky

Known for its beauty alone it dies.

Like that eagle soaring high

I yearn for its plight above the mist and cries

Life shall fade to imminent death my lover,

Like a wave tossed and never remembered.

As I set to relinquish the fears plaguing from long,

The prodigal son came back to where he belonged;

Things shall now be good, the wait is over,

But fear has engraved my life forever.

Life is a war, in my dreams I find refuge.

Don’t burn it down with your words so true

The shadow of the night is belittling my dawn

The demons are rising as the angels fall down

Flower once known for its fragrance

Has faded away to the grave in ignorance

But still in the downfall of this trembling castle

I’d save a brick for I haven’t lost my battle

So as I wait for the Sabbath for my atonement

I realise faith is nothing but the courage to hope!