Restless as that last clinging leave,

Lay me at the mercy of autumn indeed.

At the edge of the cliff, have I, no power to peep.

yearning not for quietness, peace‘s what I seek.

I think of the life wasted in solitary,

Wasted for thoughts, true yet illusory.

Oh my mind, “thou art my world’s horizon,

Invincible to my reach, yet not to my vision.

Dying over the sun drowned into oblivious sea,

Thou are ignorant to the silvery streaks.

Think thou not of what’s gone.

Cry thee not yet, for the days of lone.

Let not guilt eat you from within.

Whoso can claim a life unclaimed by sin?

The fallen angel that fell to disgrace,

Has taken the man kind in its embrace.

Too cruel thou are to this tender heart.

To abut loneliness, hoping peace there art.

Silence is what thou had cursed me with,

That bestows voice to my Armageddon, indeed.

Such voices chases thee till the end of sanity

Then devil in its tomb shall rise with vanity.”

Give not a life thee, to this subtle silent intruder.

In thy mind my beloved, lock it, to the darkest corner

Find a soul or passion that needs

Not little, but all of thee!!

-G.S Isaac