The long winter; forgotten spring;

Heaven breaks down; the nature splits;

The clouds roar; the wind groans;

The uncouth grave; Hideous black veil;

The jilted lad; the Orphan ward;

The chiselled bud; the outgrown weed;

The dying youth; the outlived father;

The long waits; these useless waits;

For the long dead- oh their unknown deaths!

The still born; the widowed bride;

Still Oceans and quiet seas;

The dying soldier of a won battle;

The Lost crucifix; the untouched vale;

Echoes of the hopeful; the heedful nature.

Stolen innocence; the denied justice;

Mere memories; these eternal memories;

Known strangers; the unknown lovers;

The broken marriage; constraining vows;

There is death; there is destruction;

But no scope of the burial; No peaceful rest!

For my poor dreams, oh my helpless soul!

My unfair life; HIS unjust death;

Broken heart; salvation denied.

Blissful ignorance; Armageddon of wise;

Uncalled thoughts; incomplete ending.