There’s a beginning hidden in every end,

And an end destined for every beginning.

A promise of new life in every death,

A death is born with every birth.

Life is simple in its complexity,

Or maybe its complex in its simplicity?

Somewhere deep within me I know,

That I can know nothing about me.

The subtleness never makes me wonder

About the changes that has taken over.

But as the memories comes to greet the dawn,

They cast light over the far fallen start.

Upon the throne the artful fate resides,

And ever so slowly it throws the dice.

It reigns over the mankind,

Controlling everything it can find.

The uncertainty of the horizon,

Fades into the obvious oblivion,

When I look over my shoulders

And realise the distance I’ve wandered.

But oh! Oh you tyrant! Don’t you see?

I know life ain’t more than a irony.

Now  I’m sane in my insanity.

Humbled in my pride.

I’m tamed in my wilderness

While living in the realities of my delusions.

My scars are my souvenir of the battles,

That I fought against no one but myself.

G.S. Isaac