You didn’t leave me,

But you were gone way before I left you.

Yes! I-left-you.

But I was never really gone.


I was always a call away.

Wasn’t I?

Always waiting, hoping

And praying, for you to see.


See, through your various affairs

And mistrust and fears.

That how much I love

And how much I need you.


What are we now?

Not the friends we could have been

Not the lovers I dreamt we’ll always be.

Are you just what my heart needs?


The one who makes my eyes weep

And heart bleed?

All over the paper,

To drench it with our sorry tale?


Don’t blame me

Don’t tell me I started this ending

When you were the one missing-

Missing from the beginning.


I loved you, I still do

You are what my soul calls to

But I was tired, just tired

Of being with you and being lonely.


Something tells me I will always be,

But with you, I’m not hopeless

Knowing there is still a chance

Of you falling for me. Wishful thinking.


My love for you will always be unrequited

You will always leave me.

Call me only when you need-

Need not me but anyone who heeds


But you can go- like you always do

And whenever you are through,

Come back to my open arm

I’ll take you back, I always do.