I know not if I blame you more

Or if I just hate myself more?

Every thoughtful word

Fails me in the end.


Let’s bleed.


Why does my heart always,

Always wants more of you?

When it knows it only makes you go

Far and far and far away….


Let’s bleed.

My body and soul.


I loved you because you never scared me.

They all did, they still do, but never you.

But now, nothing’s more scary than you

Though I know I made you so.


So let me bleed


Why can’t I buy what you sell?

Why do I always need more of yourself?

Why am I so needy?

Needy and so greedy?


Let me bleed.


I don’t hate her either.

I hate the way she brings out

My disability to trust and entrust

My disability to just love.


let me bleed


Maybe I don’t deserve you

Maybe not even some other soul.

You make me see the mirror

Every time I look into your eyes.


I need to bleed.

Just enough to feel

And enough to payback

What I owe you.


I am failing hard at

What I should be doing.

I can’t breathe, I can’t eat.

I can’t be who I should be


Bleed! Bleed! Bleed!


I will not kill myself over you

Though I might just die without you

Like the helpless moon

That’s nothing without its sun.


I’m bleeding


Who said love’s eternal?

When all that’s left to us is just pain

Somewhere in the folds of time

Our moments have got lost.


Let’s bleed


You cut me open by being

Who I forced you to be

Why can’t ever my plans coincide

With His eternal plans for me?


I bleed.


You scare me more than

You ever loved me

I love what scares me

I’m destined for this terrible death


I bleed


I wish I made you feel

How I wanted you to feel

But perhaps the likes like me

Are not meant for such dreams


Let me bleed some more


My head is spinning

Good! Maybe it deserves to.

How do I always manage to do

Exactly what I just did.


Please let me bleed

Let me be


I just lost the love

I loved the most

The love that now scares me like a ghost

Ghost of all I thought of I and you.


Cut and bleed


We might find out,

I was actually alive.

And just too much naïve

To see how things work, to see how I can never make them work


Ouch, let’s bleed


Why can’t I just be

Whatever it is that you need?

Why can’t I just stop

Being the useless me?


Oh bleed!


How can I just take your heart

And crush it like I just did?

By merely being who I am

By merely being who I am


“Cut”, “bleed some more

To wash away the hurts you gave”

They shouted as they left the slave


To rot, to cry over the loss,

To pick out the broken glasses

Stuck in her wrinkled dark skin

Of the mirror that she just broke


In order to live, just bleed.