You and me,

We share a history.

Of broken hearts

And of broken dreams.


By the man we both loved,

By the man we both shared.

Unknowingly. So unconvinced,

of our lost rights.


I wish I could tell you that I do like you.

In some other time and other life

I would have loved to know you.

But not in this life, not in this time


You are a reminder of a dream

That broke me in its wreck.

You are the reminder of that war

Where I lost my heart to yours.


You won him and I lost me.

He did say he loves me,

Yet all he wanted was you.

You owned what I can never have

Yet I want- cut that- wanted.


As I go through your tales,

The way you have been played,

Over and over by those

Who should have treated you like a rose.


A part of me cries out,

For all that you have seen

For all that you have been

You deserved better, you still do.


I always wanted to hate you,

Because he couldn’t love me,

Because you didn’t set him free!

You were so easy to blame.


But if only I knew you are a victim too

Of men who are way too weak,

To ever love one with all their heart

Without breaking them apart.


But not all men are the same

Not all are the same.

Not all will put you through that shame.

Not all are playing some game,

With our fragile hearts.


If somehow it happens,

That you find these words.

Know that they are for you

Hoping you too make it through.


Featured Image Credits: Lies Bruens (Curaçao, 1954)