My heart still misses a beat,

Every time that it catches your glimpse.

But I’m just done waiting,

Waiting for you to see

That somewhere in the crowd

That surrounds you, I’m lost too.


I have a need, I have a dream.

Such that you can never address.

I never wanted anyone else to,

But now I’m letting you go.

I’ll be who I need to be.

I don’t need any knights or hero .


I’m tired of waiting, tired of trying.

Love can’t be so mean

Love can’t be so cheap

I still wonder, how two souls so deep

Can create something so shallow indeed?


I’m done trying to save something

That you didn’t even want in the first place!

I’m done with these fights

Against the world, for something

That doesn’t even feel right.


I’m done hoping and praying

For you, who doesn’t even see

Things in me to choose me,

Any reason to hold me,

Worth enough to love me.


Though, you might see through,

Someday you might know so.

That I truly only wanted you,

Against my better judgement,

I would have chosen you.

If only you would have let me.


But not anymore,

Now I’ll only chose me

Love me just enough to not

Hurt me. I’ll no longer sell

My heart for free. It’s mine

I don’t need you to cherish it.


I won’t lose my sleep

Worrying over who you meet

I won’t shed another tear

Won’t live in the fear

Of you leaving me.

I’ll stop blaming me.


You might still not know what you want

But now I know what I don’t.

I wanted to be there for you

But not at the cost of ignoring me,

Because you never return the feel.

You never think for me.


I refuse to be your back up.

Your someone, when you have no one,

I am more than just that.

I’ll do right by me.

Now, I’ll only choose me.

I’ll only choose me.