I wish you were more

than just a fleeting day;

More than a cloud effaced

Before I began to find its face.

Or a bud that bloomed at night

And died before the dawn could sight.


I made a wish on something.

My heart rose up as I saw it fall

But you were gone in a blink.

They are in disbelieve and I’m the fool!

You were there, weren’t you?

I couldn’t just have made you up


Can a human heart be so full of it?

Is it even capable of such beautiful disgrace?

You were Kisses meant only for the dark.

You gave me passions that I can never claim.

Behind the fallen curtains, we stole

The moments that the world never saw.


We made promises

Like a child who seeks refuge

In the castles by the shore.

Ours was a love out of desperation

Not from the heart of our souls

We named the flickering lust as love


We are still safe in my heart

The way I want us to be,

Not the way we actually are.

The time snatched away the good-

Unveiled the deception that was you.

And now I’m just as naked and lost

As the orphan baby newly born.


If for a moment I can have you back

Will you play the same old part?

The one that warmed my heart

So subtly in that late winter morn.

So that I can love you again, the way

My heart desires to always.