I am this close,

And I shall always be this close.

As close as it is possible to be;

As close as you need to be,

To just hang in there and breathe.


I loved me so

That I just died for me,

Sold me, debased me, killed me.

My heart didn’t want to live

So I left it. Just to exist.


I paid a price, years ago-

A price of sanity, if you must know.

A price of eternal silence,

For their peace of heart and mind.

But now I’m drowning in my destitute.


Will you somehow love me?

If I beg you to.

Will you try to save me?

If I ask you so.

Or will you just leave me at my own ruthless mercy?


I’m dying a death that started on its own,

My life is defined by its beginning.

But I swear to you,

I’ll write the end for me-

Scribble it with my own thin blood.