Is it time? Do I dare?

Should I go and share?

Is it worth it?

Is it worth unraveling the carefully built universe?

It is worth inferring what wouldn’t reverse?


Or should I just let it go?

Knowing that nothing that you know

Will ever change your heart and soul.

But should I? Maybe just try?

Before you do what’s on your mind.


Is this it? Has the moment come?

Is this what we’d been living for?

Is this what I’ve been running from?

Turning blind to, avoiding and delaying.

Is the moment finally here?


Is this what I always knew?

And yet never knew?

The moment when you will voice the truth

Without even knowing what’s there within

Me, my heart and in my bones.


So will you say it now?

Oh, don’t, let the moment pass; don’t dwell.

There’s too much left in this empty shell

It’s looming big, like the sun at night

Somewhere behind the moon.


My days are spent doing nothing

But hide from what roams outside

Openly and unapologetic, like a beast

Searching for the prey that’s too easy

To even be chased.


Behind the pretentious ignorance

Under the obvious oblivion.

I keep hiding, waiting and scaring

The moment that you would hound

To rape and leave me on the cold ground.


I want to breathe, like just breathe.

And keep breathing, that’s all.

Without pain, without efforts

Without struggle, without gasping

Just simply and ceaselessly breathe


I need to just exist, you see.

Living seems too hard beloved

And death yet another far cry.