Your memories are just as shameless as you

Uninvited they amble and make a home.

Building walls with my sorrows,

Cementing it with my thick tears.

It lounges on my sanity

And dances on my wounds.


The eternal ghosts of you

Slides through the closed doors

And makes home upon my heart

By uprooting my leftover parts.

It painted the unclad walls with my blood,

Spread my feelings over rugged ground.


Your voice hushes the truth.

Your fingers withdrew, but they left the touch

That overshadows the feel of your infidelity.

Your lies beseech to overlook your cruelty,

Your shadow consumed my being;

Your love murdered my virtues.


I’m the uprooted city on mountain top;

The light of the world burned out.

You killed the warriors around my heart

With your borrowed cupid’s arrows.

Yet here I enthrone you as my muse

And honor you with my sacred words.


Picture Credits: acryl painting by Peter Zuffa Bodliak