Fancy words have deceived me.

No myths bewitches me

To draw out metaphors and similes.

I didn’t pen this down for your pleasure,

I only mean to unload me. To,

Let the words set the emotions free.


You throw questions,

You don’t care enough to know.

Call out to me in your miseries,

You love me in your desperation.

You want me when you need me.

You listen only if I speak your tongue.


I have been left to consume the dark

That’s now consuming me instead.

Whom do I reach out to?

When I can’t even reach within.

Whom do I blame my wounds on?

When I am the one with bloody hands.


Am I truly worth  nothing more

Than a liability, you can’t ignore?

Will you love me if I unveil?

Would you stick by if I fall apart?

Will you redo if I come undone?

Will you be when I can’t be?


You are here, but not near.

I’m screaming, can’t you even hear?

You touch me, why won’t you hold me?

You are needy, but I’m broken too.

Life’s leaving me, won’t you breathe me?


Would you listen, or will you mock?

Would your wipe the tears,

Or use it to quench your thirst?

Will you try, or you’ll let me die?

Would you hold on if I let go of me?

Or would you turn around and leave-


like you always do

If I don’t be what you need me to be?