Oh girl with fading smile,

I envied you for long

Thinking you had him all along.

Not knowing that he never belonged

To either you or me.


Oh girl with fading smile,

Your beauty struck me like the devil’s blow

– I did try to just see through, though.

Never knowing that under your charms

Lays a girl who was rarely unmasked.


Oh girl with fading smile,

You are a personification of-

Pain, betrayal; hurt and trails.

A breathing testimony of his fleeting love

To which I swore myself.


But, Oh girl with fading smile,

If only I knew the story of your side.

Knew that what I cry for

Is what hurts you too.

I wouldn’t have blamed you so.


Oh girl with fading smile,

Now that I know you better

I see the things that he must have seen too.

And though it hurts to admit-

Know that you are beautiful within.


Oh girl with fading smile,

There was a time I fell for it.

Cried even harder when I saw

It on your face, believing I paid for it

-With my innocence and heartbreak.


But my girl with fading smile

I have learned to look into your eyes

The ones you have trained so well

-To never drop, but suck in tears.

-To only see, but rarely reveal.


Oh, Girl with fading smile.

Don’t let her pain define love for you

Don’t let his betrayal define promises for you.

There is so much more than what you’ve seen

Don’t close the door to your heart, please.


Oh girl with fading smile

Give life another chance

To woo you and show you

The wonders that it holds for you

Don’t cut yourself on the pieces of their love.


Oh girl with fading smile

Don’t fall into the soothing arms

Of those who intend to strangle you.

Wait with me for a while

For the one who’ll bring back your smile


My girl with fading smile

Don’t let this world wipe it off wholly

Do crumble and fall,

I know your pain’s real

But don’t forget to pick yourself up.


My girl with fading smile

The heat must be burning your soul

And ashes are choking your heart.

But out of this mess, you will rise.

Don’t restrict yourself, rise.