There are moments like these- when I get to witness such subtle transitions, like the silent breaking of the dawn and swift falling of the night, that I am reminded of you and the way you silently broke free of your life and swiftly fell in the cold arms of your death. You told me that the horizon is beautiful as you left for it after promising to meet me there someday, but look through my window and you’ll see how unfathomable and far it is. Look through my window and you’ll see, that this another world is not as close as you said it will be. Look through my window and you’ll see how I’m caged inside the life that you left behind. What you call eternity looks like infinity to me. After-life is a promise that is overshadowed by the fact of your death. The idea of everything that you promised looks beautiful from the outside, but the fact of your absence is too hard to ignore. Facts are muffling your promises.