But you did.

And because you did, I will write about you. Not to glorify you, but to unveil you. I will strip you bare and dig you out, I will tell them all. About how you left me, forsook me, broke me, abandoned me, betrayed me; about how you died and left me dying.

I will not tell them about how your arms felt around me but instead how vulnerable I felt without them; not about how you protected me but about how you left me unprotected; not about how you fought my demons at night but about how you became the reason behind my nightmares; not about how strongly you tried to fight death off but about how miserably you lost life to it.

My darling, you shouldn’t have died, but you did. You bastard.


Model: Asmita Gajbhiye.

Photographer: Yashasvi Patidar