I have cried in my helplessness under your thumb.

I have wailed as you crushed me under your black boots.

I have obeyed your every command at the expense of my dreams.

I have bled from the wounds you inflicted not just on my flesh but soul.

I have taken all of you as you pulled me by my hair and thrust me from the back.

I have gasped, and screamed and begged and died

Yet it is not enough!

What more do you need? (X 2)

To see that I am a human too?


I have hands that trembles at the sight of yours curling into fists

I have a heart that bleeds and collapses every time that you break a rib

I have lungs that struggles and screams every time that you strangulate

I have a flesh that bruises and bone that break

I have got skin that cuts and it hurts like hell

I have a life just as delicate as yours

So now what more do you need?

To see that I hurt when I bleed, I hurt when you beat!


I have been beaten and tied,

I have been raped and tortured-

Skin by skin as you pealed of the layers of my dignity.

I have been owned and sold.

I have been blamed and punished.

I have been robbed of my mind, my body and my soul,

And yet it is not enough.

What more do you need from me?

What more do you need to satisfy your greed?


I have served you in silence.

I dutifully took in the distress.

When she was just three he tore her hymen,

He burned her at twenty

For she didn’t bring in enough dowry.

You killed her even before she was born.

He disfigured her face because she said no.

And yet it is not enough.

Never enough for you to do a thing.


You have learned to dance to the echoes of their screams.

You have got used to the river of their blood flowing between your streets.

You have practiced ignoring her scars like

That 5 second ad right before the whole video starts.

You have learned to drown my voice

When I stand like this- and show you the truth.

But for me, it’s enough.


You call me whatever you want.

But I won’t be locked in an attic anymore.

I will scream till I’m heard, I will bleed till I flood.

I will break through and burn down your walls.

I will free myself and cut on the pieces of your prejudice

And my blood will soak through the empty pages of history-

Renewing all that you have ever known.


IMAGE CREDITS: Yashasvi Patidar

MODEL: Asmita Gajbhiye