And here I am again

Treading down the lanes of memories

Creeping my way down the lanes of mistakes

I am burdened by regrets. Weighed down by the love

I have always wanted from you.


I sit alone where the lovers meet

All around me I see the past replay.

Our times together flashes like thunders

In the wake of which I see us in them

Though I pray to god they never find themselves in us.


Do you remember when I moved towards you?

To embrace you and love you. I took your hand…

But you moved away. Do you remember?

I swore that day to never come to you again.

But I did. At a single curl of your finger

I found myself wagging my tail.


But you always had reasons.

Reasons to not hold me, to not love me,

To not look into my eyes as you kissed me.

But I see, these are not reasons but just excuses

You just didn’t want to love me right.

You always wanted easy love- and easy fuck.


We loved with our bodies, not hearts.

As fingers intertwined and lips combined,

You tried to tame my heart

From the cage you were locked inside,

While you slipped yours to her secretly.

through the bars that restraint me from you.


When your arms snaked over my body,

I sighed and closed my eyes.

Perhaps thus missing those fangs that you hid so well,

And the disguise that’s your very skin.

You bit me on the neck as I moaned in delight,

And injected your very essence in my heart.

Which turned me blue and left me cold.