Do I want to?

Should I do?

Trade the old memories for new?

And go through the process of uprooting

Things that have borne nothing but pain?


I have planted and tended to weeds.

They have always looked pretty to me.

But they have sucked me empty

Encroaching on everything that nurtured me.

Spreading cancer in my land

And allergy on my swollen hands.


But do I want to?

I mean- forget you?

And the things you did.

And the things you didn’t.

Can I? Say if I want to?


What will be left to me-

If I trade all that’s within?

Those sublime moments

Gave some terrible memories

Should I throw the shell that promised me pearl?


Do I want to know?

Hush, let’s pretend

And maybe we’ll be spared by the truth.

Memories are just the reminder

Of things, you have no longer.