I am really skinny, so much so that you can practically count my ribs. The only “figure” I have is the structure of my skeleton. I am a girl with wheat-ish complexion in a country that defines beauty by fairness. I refused to wear frocks and skirt at the age of just 12 because I felt like my skin was not smooth and well, hair free like those beautiful models on screen. If only someone told me that hair growth on body is just normal and not something to be ashamed of. And wrinkles and freckles are not blemishes on my identity.

Today most young adults and teenagers are disappointed with their body or whoever and whatever they are. And though anorexia, bulimia, self-hate and self-harming are pretty good topics for certain ignorants to crack a joke on, these very things have claimed many life and definitely ruined even more. A lot of us have been a part of this statistic or perhaps we still are. So this is a letter for you all.

Dear you,

Don’t be so harsh on yourself. Accept that your mind has its fears and your body its imperfection.

But that doesn’t make you any less of a person than they are.

It makes you unique. It makes you, “you”.

So embrace it.

Don’t hate the person in the mirror for its weakness, because that is what keeps it human. Cherish it. Accept it. Love it. But don’t judge it.

Get up each morning and remind yourself of your strength, because you might face enough people to point out your weaknesses.

Forgive yourself before you repent because I believe that only then you can receive the salvation that is given to you. Love yourself in a way that you know that their hate can’t get the better off you.

You are beautiful even when you think you look ugly. You are beautiful even when your face is all covered with acnes, You are beautiful even if your breasts ain’t of a C size or you lack a thigh gap or wasit ain’t too tiny or your buttocks not curvy, you are beautiful even when you haven’t gone to get your eye brows done or face bleached.

You are handsome even if you don’t have those eight packs, you are handsome even when beard is not as dense as you want it to be, You are handsome even if you are not tall or not enough muscular. You are handsome even if you have that bald spot right at the center of your head.

You are beautiful. Beautiful in your scars and blemishes. Beautiful in your uniqueness. I would have said you are perfect in your imperfections but darling, who ever said they are imperfections?! You are simply perfect, you are simply you, wear yourself with dignity, and wear yourself with pride. Shine like the moon, honey you own the night.

Your body is a temple, worship it, don’t demolish. It’s an art, appreciate it, don’t critique. Accept it, even when you don’t understand it.

Pamper yourself. We all need a particular kind of love to satisfy us. Your body needs only yours. Give it. Dress yourself up, spend hours spoiling it with your attention, indulge in your pleasure, keep changing your look, go get a tattoo if painting the wall is what makes it feel more like a home to you, shower it with your thoughts and sensitivity. There is nothing wrong in it.

Your body is your baby, it will grow up just as your raise it up. It will only believe in what you teach it to believe in. It’s delicate, take care of it, don’t break it. There are enough stone bearers out there don’t be your own persecutor.

You were the perfect shade in the pallet of the creator. You are painted in the perfect hue. You are made to fit perfectly in this master piece. You were not a mistake, you were a deliberate decision. You are an integral part of this universe, and though it might not fall apart without you, trust me it won’t ever be the same, it won’t ever be what it was meant to be, because you are needed just as you were made.

So, remember You are not ‘too fat’ or ‘too skinny’, ‘too fair’ or ‘not fair enough’. You are not ‘too short’ or ‘too tall’. Your nose is not too long or your eyes too small. Your lips are always worth kissing and fingers will fit perfectly between the one who is meant for you. Your body is meant to be made love to so don’t deprive it of what it desrves. You are not too much of anything bad.  You are simply YOU. You are perfect.

Thanking you

Forever yours

Your friend.