And I stumble through the pathway

That leads me to the place

Where you have been lying since,

Now a decade. Unmoving and still.

Or only so I think.


For I have never heard a whisper or a roar

No agony or a sigh from underneath the stone.

Only silence and silence. In the midst of the rain

Or the storm or spring-

Only silence prevails underneath.


I lie above the concrete as I lay over your flesh

On that last winter evening on your bed.

I can feel the difference.

Unreturned embraces pushes me to tears

Uncared you lie, forgotten by all.


But not me. Never me.


The flowers we sowed right after we buried you

Had bloomed once upon a time.

But now they have given in to weeds

That covers your periphery. Your name has faded

And marble has lost itself to dust and time.


No one visits you anymore,

Or cleans this sore stone.

You lie neglected and ignored.

For somehow the love has died,

So who will revive the memories now?