Are you lost in the sunlight

That sneaks through the curtains of my window?

Or are you in the music of the chimes

That dances to the echoes of the breeze?

Are you those smaller raindrops-

That escapes the downpour and come to kiss me

On the porch travelling on the wind?

Are you the clouds that move around-

Playing games with my eyes. Always there;

Never near. Lost in their own effacement.

Are you the pollens flowing from that flower

That still blooms in the garden of this house devoid of you,

And prick my eyes with memories of you and me?

Are you the chill in the cold that send shivers through my body?

Are you the heat of the summer that makes me so dizzy?

Are you the pull in the gravity that keeps me grounded,

Halting my struggle to reach up to you?

Are you everything that I meet?

-Or are you just the nothing that now prevails?

Photo Credits: Disha Malviya

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