The more insights that I get into you, the more it hurts to have ever loved you. I wonder why? It was easy to fall in love with you but it was hard to keep loving you. Yes it was hard! It was hard to love you through your lies, betrayal, divided love and various lovers. Your love life was quite over populated. I felt like I am being trampled under the foot of your various lovers. It was quite suffocating but never sufficient. After we fell apart, you fell back into their arms for comfort and I fell back to my welcoming pillow only to soak it with my pains. But I no longer envy you for your power to move on from me. You lost a girl who once loved you, I just lost a man who never did. I merely lost a barren ground, you lost the only sapling that dared to spread roots in your sterile surface. I was snatched like a weed from your concrete surface, but I was the only life that dared to climb up your lifeless wall. And may be this is why I’m finding the courage to move on without holding any grudges against you. I only pity you.