I am a vampire

With pale skin and bloody fangs.

I sucked out my own life,

And blood. Only to puke it in a wine glass

And offer it to him on a tray

During the Sunday Mass

As he loves me on the bed

Instead of worshipping Him in the church.


I had dressed up in simple linen

They say He takes in all the same

But when I opened the door

I met temptation. After forty days of abstention.

I bowed my head

Removed my shoes (even clothes)

Gave up all possessions and surrendered

With a sigh. Oh Amen. Amen.


He opened his clothes and tossed some attention

On me, between the sheets. Discreetly.

He couldn’t make me his lover

So I became his whore.


Covered in our holy water

I’m cleansed of my desperation.

And as I watch him leave the bed and me

Wanting for him to stay and never leave,

I wonder how he managed to change my home

Into his brothel. Where he is the pimp

And I his only whore. Only one of his many.

And the bulge in my empty tummy- a bastard.


Model: Asmita Gajbhiye