Do you too lie on the empty bed

And cry yourself to sleep

On the nights that he spends with me?

Like I do on the nights that he spends with you.


Do you keep holding on to his lies

Like they weave the last thread that

keeps you bonded with life?

Just as I do every time that

I taste you on his adulterous lips.


Do you too wonder who I am?

And what is it that I have and you don’t?

What is it that makes him leave your house

For mine every second night?

Just like I do when he walks through the door.


Do you too stand by the window

As you watch him walk away?

Do you too wait by the window

tending your wounded soul?

Just like I do in his absence.


Do you too look in the mirror with disgust

Into the eyes of that hollow woman?

Do you too feel your heart break?

When you realize he can never reciprocate

Your love, loyalty, and commitment.


I keep going through your photos

I try to decode that perfect smile

I try  to find the heartbreak and pain

Which are now an extension of whatever I am

Do you too do the same?


Does your heart gasps and wails

Lungs collapse and stomach revolts

Every time you hear my name?

Like mine does when I hear yours

Do you die a little, at every sight of me?