Rains are made of nothing but heartbreaks.

When someone like you comes

And burst the delusional bubbles of the naïve heaven.

It bursts and flows down all over the land and me.

They bared the sky and left it naked.

Just like you left me broken and vulnerable

Devoid of beauty, the sky reflects me.


Because I am the ocean,

I gave rise to you; blew you up in my head.

Now the effacement of you pricks my very being.


I woke up to thundering

And it felt like you are calling out to me,

And my love, that you so easily forgot.

I tremble on my bed to the sound of the rain

Hitting the window glass.

It felt like you have come back from her to me.

To finally be just mine as I was always yours.


But would I open the window

Can I give you what I gave before?

An entry to my very soul.


Your betrayals like the mass of vapors

Are still suspended in my life

Floating uninterrupted from one moment into another.

While once they intrigued me with their mysticism

Now they only remind me of all I want to forget.

Their sight no longer soothes my soul

Clouds no longer do.

And rains are made of nothing but heartbreaks.

Just heartbreaks.