So there is this woman who loves you

Just as I do.

Though not just as much.

But in her own brokenness

And through her own wreckage,

She loves you as much as she can.


They say she loved you even before I did;

Met you way before I did

Two and a half years to be precise.

You said she was nothing.

I never thought you can lie about anything,

But you did and I believed.


I took you for your face value

Little did I know you were double-faced.

You told me it was nothing.

She said it meant everything.

You told me you didn’t want her;

That you want only me.


But you still loved her

And not me.

And I? I only loved you.

You sandwiched me in a love story

That crushed me in its culmination.

I am blamed for things to which I am a victim.


Now you talk with her

And she with you.

While I just cry myself to numbness

In the empty bed where I had dreamed about us

And all the things I thought we would be.


Why? Why did you drag me in between

Why did you lie to meet?

Why did you hurt her and broke me?

Why did you make her hate me?

And made me blame her?


How can you do this?

How could you make love look so ugly?

How could you break not one but four hearts?

Is this all just game? If yes

Then I quit.