Worst can always get worse

I knew this when once again

My path collided with yours.

You had shot me once before

Igniting me into a star

That you visit in your lonely hours.


Little did you realize I was burning in the core

As you sought me in your miseries.

I was burning for you in the darkness

That you forced me into.

I was always at the tip of your figures

And you played far too well with me

Oh you did. You played with me.


Like the thunder with birds

Deceiving them to believe

In the arrival of the rain

Promising them an end to drought

You promised me those fake

words and vows.


From the tip of my fingers

till the corner of my heart

I had made a space for you.

I engraved your name

On every cell of my being

I have enchanted your name

in the hopes of your love.


I made a god out of you.

I had sadly, truly loved you.


Your fingers like flames

Had spread smoothly over my flesh.

I like an ugly moth

Thought you were the light of my life,

But all you did was melt my skin

And burn my soul to ashes


And out of ashes like the phoenix

I thought I can rise

Build a new life in grey

Cement it with sweat and the blood

That flows from wounds you keep opening

Time and again.


But I didn’t.