Look how the wind finally steals the dust away

From the land.

Struggling, revolting and breaking

The army in green stand.

As useless as the white flags

Against the blind rising beasts with tanks.


The pain has nurture winds into storms

The clouds have come to witness

The power of the love;

The anguish and anger of the lover;

The pain and miseries of the beloved.

They thunder as the storm won.


All rejoice but me.

I know its fate far too well…


Now lo the storm calms into wind

And it leaves the dust behind.

Away from its true lovers

Uprooted from its home,

The dust fades away jilted and lonely.

Just like me after my lover of un-love.


I am nothing but dust

You are nothing but storm

You are free, can’t be still

You just cannot wait.

Roads are always calling out to you

World is a home you have build with your foot


So there you are discovering

And traveling the world

That you have turned gray for me.

Meeting people and shaking hands

Unraveling cultures you don’t understand.

But mine just tremble, shake and sweat

All because of your betrayal


You breathe fresh air every morning

While I gasp as our memories run thick

Your name that once brought a smile

Now pushes me over the brim of life

Anxiety is a reaction to your existence

Tears a reaction to my love and your lust


How can I human be so unkind?

How can I have been so blind?

With torn flesh and open heart

I am struggling through the moments of life

Thinking when I’ll be done with time.

Scrubbing my knees on your ruthless words

I lie in the pool of pain at you ignorance

And neglect.