And the butterflies that you once killed didn’t resurrect when your adulterous lips touch mine once again. The knees that I fell onto after you left didn’t go weak at the sight of you approaching me. Your words that I once worshipped didn’t seem true enough to even be acknowledged. Your hands in mine didn’t feel like home, your presence is no longer a comfort. I had always feared it would come to this but never dared to hope it will.

Any which way, I had to do it, I had to hold your hand one last time, I had to taste your lips one last time, I had to smile and laugh like haven’t since years, I had to swoon like I always did with you. I had to end what you started, but on good terms. You have given enough pain and turmoil, I had to give myself one last good memory. You owed it to me. I had to end it in love and not hate. I had to end it on my terms and not your betrayals, lies and anger. And this was my way.