And thus I wake up

To their voices knocking down

The four walls of my refuge.

-The witnesses to our tale.


The bricks hit the feet of the shrine of you,

The one I built over the reality of your tomb

To worship your memories

And pray to your withdrawn love.


Dust rises to cover your face

The one to which mine resembles now.

The house you left behind

Fell victim to their greed and deceit.

And I a prey to your false promises

And disowned responsibilities.


The noises of breaking and crumbling

Are deafening my ears. Those that suckled

On your whispers still lingering in the air.


They hammer that house with sadistic reasons.

Pretending that they do no more than a tap.

But its cracks like roots have spread on my beliefs.

Growing into weeds, parasitizing on my life.

I am starving for some idealism and hope

So I try to feed on the debris and smoke-

The only remnants of all that you’ve been.


For the crumbling of my castle

Shook the foundation of your shrine.

I have loved you beyond reasons

And worshipped not just you

But the enlarged shadow of you-

Under which I have lived all these years,

As you stood magnified before the light of my love.


While I mourn and look in the eyes of destruction

Your shrine falls on me from the other side.

It breaks my bone and wounds my beating flesh.

I gasp and fall, but it pounds on me.

And as I am struggling under its weight,

I wonder-


You gave me life once, can’t you do it twice?

I put questions to the void. My mind echoes-

He cannot make it right, he cannot save this time.