And sometimes- just sometimes-

The words cannot do justice to all that I feel;

The sentences cannot conceive all that I have seen;

No device or imagery can re-create the worlds to where I have been.

And in moments like these

I strip myself naked to flesh and bone

And let water run over my skin

Like blood runs underneath it.

I stand as still as a skeleton would

And watch as water runs over my wound

It enters it but I shall not flinch

I shall not cry; I shall not die.

After walking on the sharp edge of this life

I have finally made it home tonight.

Covered in the ashes of my soul

I have finally made it home

But is home a home with nobody waiting

To hold you as you come undone?

As I see red water sink into drainage

I am reminded of my wreckage.

They say I was made of just mud

Then I wonder where did blood come from?

When did I become more than just dirt and dust?

When did I evolve to who I am today?

I’m hollow in my fullness,

I have eyes but not vision

I have ears but cannot listen

My mouth is nothing but an empty pit

Filled with dirt and filth.

My feet travels and ventures

But I am reaching nowhere.

My heart is striving for something

But it hits into nothing but nothingness.


Pic credits: Suruj Rajkhowa ❤